Poultry farm worker wanted in Canada

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Sunrise Farms is a group of companies with primary focus in the poultry industry including: hatchery operations; poultry farming; primary processing; further processing; and distribution of food across Canada.

In 1983 the humble beginning of one small processing facility in the city of Surrey, British Columbia, has now grown to serve a wide range of customers, both domestically and internationally. Our Canadian family owned and operated businesses produce quality food products from processing plants located in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.

We have approximately 2,800 full-time and part-time employees who are hard working, diligent and exceptional at delivering quality products from farm to table.

We have partnered with family owned Canadian chicken farmers for many years to produce high-quality products that consumers may enjoy from coast to coast.

Company Name : Sunrise farm 

Location :  Canada


  • Poultry farm worker

Job Details : 

  •  Raises poultry to produce eggs and meat: Selects and purchases poultry stock.
  • Feeds and waters poultry.
  • Cleans and disinfects poultry houses, cages, and nests.
  • Places vaccines in drinking water, injects vaccines into poultry, or dusts air with vaccine powder to vaccinate poultry against diseases.
  • Inspects and disposes of or segregates infected poultry.
  • Collects, inspects, and packs eggs and selects and crates pullets and fryers for shipment.
  • Maintains growth, feed, and production records.
  • Arranges with wholesalers for sale of poultry and eggs.

Basic Requirements :

Education Requirement =  No need

Experience = No experience required, however six months experience is preferable

  1. As per Labour Law, Candidates must be minimum 18 years and less than 48 years.
  2. Candidates must be physically / mentally healthy. There will be a health checkup before immigration.
  3. Should have clear background. (Must not have involved in any criminal activities)
  4. Candidates must be able to read, write & speak Basic English language.

Previous experience in a farm setting is generally required for a poultry farm supervisor. Farm workers with enough experience might advance to supervisor positions. In some cases, one might enter the industry as a farm supervisor with sufficient postsecondary coursework in agriculture or animal sciences.

Poultry farm supervisors who wish to advance to farm managers might need a bachelor’s degree with some study in business. Other relevant coursework might include animal husbandry and veterinary medicine.

Poultry farm supervisors manage chicken farms, overseeing tasks such as caring for the chickens, maintaining records on animal growth and developing budgets. A high school diploma may be sufficient for this job, but pursuing a degree in the animal sciences may enable a poultry farm supervisor to advance in a declining job market, as can learning about organic farming practices.

Salary Details & other allowances :

Excellent Salary Package + Overtime. (Salary will be negotiable during skype interview) + other allowances provided by company. Company will provide free accommodation and food facility. (Overtime depends on work loads)

Salary = 2200 Dollars Per month

How to apply for Canada ?

  1. To apply, each candidates has to read the details first and must full fill all given criteria. The Submit Button / Link is provided below. Click on the link given below and fill up the form.
  2. Documents needed :
    1. Latest CV / Resume
    2. Photograph

Only the selected Candidates will be called for interview.

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